Saturday, March 10, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award, TPT, Currently

Well earlier this week I was awarded the One Lovely Blog Award (you can read about it HERE). I am awarding the following ladies:
Second Grade Shenanigans This blog is wonderful. She has such great ideas to bring learning to life!

The 3AM Teacher This ladies creativity is astonishing.  I own every packet of clip art she has  put up for sale. I look for it and I love it!
Grab My Button!
Teaching With Love and Laughter This is a new blog I discovered and can't wait to keep exploring it! She also has a yorkie and I do as well!
Confessions of a Primary Teacher
Confessions of a Primary Teacher This is another newbie blog that I discovered and am loving it! 

Grab My Button
Sailing Through 1st Grade I look up to this woman. Her blog is perfectly amazing. Such great freebies and ideas!
I picked a couple of my old FAVORITES and some new discoveries that have "young" blogs like me (meaning we are new on the blog scene).  Ladies come and get your award! The rules are HERE

Here are a couple of my new Word Work stations/centers that are at my TPT store.  Go check them out here and please let me know what you think!

Fill the Right Pot ~ Double Consonants Ending in Y 
What's the Scoop? Drop the Silent e and Add -ing

The last thing up ad entirely late to the game is my currently. . . I'm linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade . . . 

I must say that I am in the living room where my sister is watching the The Bachelor. It's not quite my cup of tea but I was being honest. I just don't think I can stomach all the drama of these women. 


Sara S. said...

Congrats on the award! I love your ice-cream scoops - they're so cute! I'm not a Bachelor fan either (shh...don't tell anyone!)

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Erika said...

Came to give you the same award. Since you already got it I became a follower instead!

2B Honey Bunch
The Best Endings

Brittany Kielar said...

Thank you so much. Even the thought that you would award me an award makes my day! I love you blog The Honey Bunch! I've stalked it so much and gained so much insight from it! Thanks for the support!

Sweet Seconds

Kate said...

Hi Brittany,

Congratulations on the award!

You visited my blog yesterday to check out the Clutter Free Classroom challenge. Thanks so much for stopping by, I wanted to let you know that the link to your blog from mine didn't work in case you want to re-do it. I also posted a freebie on my blog today if you want to stop by and pick it up!

YearntoLearn said...

You have some cute units.

Yearn to Learn Blog

Brittany Kielar said...

Kate thank you so much for letting me know about the link problem. I've been fiddling with it for a bit now and can't seem to make it work :-/ Hopefully I'll figure it out this evening. I'll also be checking out your blog and freebie!


Mrs. K said...

Thank you so much for the award! I am now following your blog - so glad to have found it! You have a super cute blog, and I'm looking forward to checking out more of your ideas. :-)


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