Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Volume, Measurement, Capacity, Time

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These terms are driving me crazy! I've discovered I love teaching about time, measurement, capacity, and weight. . . I have also discovered I do not like teaching them one after the other. Talk about CONFUSING. My sweets are doing a valiant effort trying to keep all the terms straight and we have been doing a TON of hands on activities to make it concrete but OH BOY. The other second grade teacher and I have already discussed breaking them up next year. We use envision math which I LOVE. I just think it's a little hard for the sweets to keep up with all the terms and then BANG no more time, measurement, capacity, and volume terms till third grade. Now of course we will have some of this stuff during math work stations because they need to be familiar with this stuff. I whipped out some containers (5 equal containers times 3), something to use as a "measuring" tool, and paint tape. Normally I look ahead and plan math, but since it's my first year I'm not alway quite sure what to expect till we are in the deep of it. Talk about a serious teacher learning curve your first year. Anyway, I created 3 equal tubs of containers, one tub had a bag of marbles, another tub had a bag of square foam tiles, and the last bag had connecting cubes. If you scroll down to the last picture you will see the containers and in the purple container I placed 5 pieces of paint tape so students could number their containers. At the bottom is a freebie I made to go along with this! If you grab it please let me know your thoughts. Does it work for you would you change it?

The materials - I have two more of the plastic tubs filled with the same containers

the containers

Volume Data Sheet

That's all for tonight! Let me know if you have any great measurement lessons/activities! I would love to try them out with my sweets :)


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Danielle said...

Hi Brittany, I too found you through the linky party and am your newest follower. I just finished teaching measuring capacity/volume/weight etc. It is my least favorite skill to teach because the terminology and the visualization is so hard for my chickadees to keep straight. Please visit me sometime.


TammySF. said...

Im your newest follower!! Found you through the linky party!! YAY for that:)

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Emily said...

I'm your newest follower! Love your stuff!


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Janaye said...

Great activity!! Thanks for sharing!!


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Mrs Maasepp said...

Hi Brittany,

You have created a great activity, however the terminology is incorrectly used. The volume worksheet should be Capacity. When you are measuring how much a container can hold you are actually measuring the capacity NOT the volume.
Sorry to sound critical but I think it is important that we teach our students the correct use of language.

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