Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hickory Dickory Dock the Mouse Matched the Clocks and Grading System

      First up is a glimpse of my first math unit! It is a math center for telling time on analog clocks and digital clocks. I also just so happen to be in love with The 3 AM Teacher's clipart. I just can't get enough of it. Click on the title to go check it out at my TPT store (while you're there you can allays follow to get the latest updates). 
Hickory DIckory Dock the Mouse Matched the Clocks

     Next up is my grading system. I love being a teacher. . . but I very much dislike grading (I was always told hate is a bad word. . . ).  That said I love my grading system because it's organized, portable, and one stop spot for my grading. I bought this purple 7 tab expandable file system at Office Depot! I created a cute little sticker label that was whimsical with candy because I have to look at this thing a LOT. I love being able to throw it in my bag and take it with me anywhere and know everything I need to grade is in it!

I then added my subjects on each tab. When students turn in work that needs to graded I put it in number order with the answer key in a paper clip in the right tab.

It can stand on its own!

Up close pic of my tabs. . . in the very first pocket I keep stickers and favorite grading markers and pens. 

Some of my favorites . . . I try not to grade in red. I would love hearing thoughts about grading in red ink?
     What does your grading system look like? That's all I got tonight! I have this amazing Creamy Vanilla teas awaiting me with one of those amazing Hot Cocoa cupcakes I talked about in my last post!


luckeyfrog said...

Your grading system looks so organized! Mine consists of putting papers in number order (before I put them in the gradebook, if not before) and paper-clipping (or binder clipping) the set. Otherwise... post-it notes tell me if it's To Be Graded, Graded (but needs to go in the gradebook), or To Go Home.

I grade in marker, mainly because I like it better! It can be any color, though. I don't worry so much about using red because I use a variety.

Lori said...

Very organized grading system! Love that! Anything that makes grading easier is great. :)
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iintegratetechnology said...

Love this! Thank you for your great ideas! I am new to blogger and having a blast! If you are interested in integrating technology into your classroom, maybe stop by my blog! I am your new follower!

Miss J said...

This is great!! Thanks for sharing.

Miss J
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Mrs. P said...

Oh wow! I love your grading folder thingy. I have been trying to decide how I will manage this.. I love your organization for it.. and it's great to just have all the papers together to take home. I may have to steal your idea.

Also, as a new teacher.. I am trying to figure out how I will keep a gradebook. Do you keep a paper and pencil version or do your gradebook on the computer?

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Anonymous said...

Love this. I feel so much better about keeping up with my papers since I started this. Thanks for the great ideas!

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