Thursday, March 29, 2012

Missing My Sweets, Sub Stuff, and a Freebie

Sadly I've been out of school for one whole week sick, in and out of doctors' offices and hospitals. I truly love my job and my sweets. It is simply killing me not to be teaching them! I have been reading a ton on teaching methods, strategies, etc. and just want to go and use it all. Next week is Spring Break!! (of course all plans for day trips and the like are cancelled because I'm sick :(. 

I have been making labels like crazy for everything in my classroom. I have also really pondered the whole sub system. I am not entirely certain how emergency sub plans work. Are they super generic? Detailed? For every subject? I would love to read how you all organize and handle the whole sub situation.

I've also have been creating things for my class because I just can't wait to get back into school.

There Was An Old Lady Who. . . Cause and Effect

Flying High With Four Digit Numbers

I have a freebie from this unit: Synonym Student Book. Get it HERE.

If you download this freebie please let me know your thoughts! When I make things I want to make sure they are helpful to other hard working teachers!

By the way the first 3 people to follow my blog and follow my TPT store will get the Synonyms, Antonyms, Homophones Galore Unit for free. Don't forget to leave your email. I would love feedback on the product of course ~ want to do the best I can!


Mrs. Richling said...

I follow your blog & TpT store!!


Lori Rosenberg said...

I follow your blog and TpT store!

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Miss T said...

I follow your blog and TpT store :)

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Miss T said...

As a sub, I've had days with no plans and days with super detailed plans.

Subs love having plans :) I don't think that they have to be super detailed.

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

luckeyfrog said...

Check out Sub Hub! She has great free sub plans for each grade that are somewhat independent of the curriculum.

Subs here love a seating chart, but that doesn't always happen for me. I basically just Post-It and paper clip everything in a box on my desk. I always leave detailed plans, but I try to make them easy to read at a glance. I try to leave more than I think they'll need, too, just because I'd rather have them not finish than run out of stuff to do (because some subs are amazing at filling time, and others are LOST). A lot of people have a "Sub Tub."

I think the things people forget to leave in sub plans are things like "how to get the students' attention," "how to take attendance," "how to call the office with questions." The simplest things!

I also have a marble jar, basically, and they get a huge amount of extra marbles for good behavior with a sub. Like, 1 is a normal compliment- 5 is a great day with the sub. Plus, the clip chart stays as it is until the next day, which helps with accountability.

luckeyfrog said...


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twilliams said...

I feel your pain!! I have been out all week too! I so miss my kiddos, but have to take care of ourselves first! Get well Soon!

Krista Carlson said...

I am now following your blog too! So excited to start idea swappin!

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TeacherChicks said...

Thanks darling! So glad you were able to stop by and be our 100th follower! Yippy! I hope you enjoy your Spring Break! Your blog looks amazing and I will definetly be checking it out! I am your 50th follower!!!!!
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Kimberly said...

I am your newest follower. I just downloaded your synonym freebie and left feedback! Your blog looks great!

I would love your thoughts on my new blog.

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