Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy Times . . . Swallowed a Chick

     Well. . . I just finished third quarter report cards on Friday! I will say report cards have become less scary the more I do them. I find the keys to be entering grades into the computer as you record them in your grade book, jot notes about each student for applicable comments, and cut off your grades a couple days ahead of time (this allows for everything to be graded and entered into the computer!
     We have moved on from the time, measurement, weight, and capacity topics in our math program! We have moved onto three digit numbers and place value! I can't wait to create some things using The 3am Teacher's place value graphics! Stay tuned for a freebie and unit!
     I know this may sound crazy but I was taught the beauty of guided reading and totally believed it and loved it. Now. . . sadly I wasn't doing it in my classroom till about 3 weeks ago. I am HOOKED! I love it. Are school doesn't require it and I just didn't feel like I was able to fit it in. I reworked things and everything fits so lovely. Of course I'm blog stalking all I can about guided reading and trying to figure the best way to implement it, schedule it, and organize it all. I also am beginning to fall more in love with math stations and want to learn about writer's workshop as well. If anyone has any ideas, tips, or suggestions about any of it PLEASE let me know!
     I've been trying to squeeze in some creating! I bought some cute graphics from Scrappin Doodles and created two literacy stations. They go along perfectly with the book There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick.

Old Lady Swallowed a Chick Noun & Verb Sort
Old Lady Swallowed a Chick ABC Order

The first three lovely bloggers to comment will get both sets for free (be sure to leave your email)!!!


Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

I clicked on your new signature link and I am now following you (-;

Thank you for the visit!!


The 3AM Teacher

Mrs. Richling said...

This looks great!!


luckeyfrog said...

They look awesome!


Linda McCardle said...

Thank you for your sweet comment!

Inspired in Second said...

These look very cute! I have 3AM's place value clip art set, too, and I've been meaning to make something, as well...where does time go?! I'm going to search your blog for your creation now haha.

- Amanda (avphilli@gmail.com)

Inspired in Second

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