Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Teacher Tuesday ~ Classroom Themes

Well I love MJ's style over at Teaching in Heels! I was just scrolling through my google reader and came across her post discussing classroom themes. When I was going into my first year of teaching it took me awhile to come up with a classroom theme. Did I want to go with a theme? Did I want to have a theme centered around an object or around color? After a good it of debate and searching the intenet I came up with a Candy/Sweets theme. Can I just say there is not that much made for this theme. Especially in educational stores. It required some thinking outside the box and creating things on my own. My mom really helped me out coming up with some cute candy/sweet connections and items for my room. So I stuck with a loose candy/sweet theme and chose to tie in primary colors. I have come to love it more and more. Especially now that I can create things on my computer! I've created some of the following things this summer to really tie in all the candy/sweet themes. 

Here are som things I've made, picked up along the way, and purchased to tie my theme together. Of course by September this year everything will be tweaked a bit because my classroom in an evolving learning environment. As teachers shouldn't we be willing to learn and grow since it's what we ask of our students? Just a thought. Now onto some more pics . . . 
2B Smarties ( as in the candies. . . if you look closely at the border I attached  smarties' wrappers!)

At the beginning of the year it say Welgum to 2B and write my students' names onto each gumball.

This let's you see the bright colors in my room and some of the candy elements. . . DOTS blanket, M&M umbrella, smarties board. . . 

My labels all have candy on them! And are all in the bright primary colors :)

M&M rug and on the hair there is a Laffy taffy pillow. That chair was a HUGE hit with my sweets :)

My library sign! It was my dad's idea and it's still SUPER awesome.
Another perk to using primary color sin your classroom is they are almost always for sale. Educational supplies almost always include primary colors. Finding bins and other things is pretty easy!

Hope you enjoyed. Go link up your thoughts on classroom themes with MJ's Teacher Tuesday!

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Rachel said...

What a great room! Love it!

Lisa R. said...

I love the candy theme!! Everything looks so cute & creative! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure
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Brandi said...

All of your items look professionally made! Great job!

Success in Second Grade

Rebecca said...

So cute! You've done a great job. I have used a theme for quite a few years now. My theme this next year is cowboy/western.

Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox

Emily said...

I love your candy theme! I don't really have a theme - I don't think I've ever had a theme, but I've been thinking of bringing in beach stuff for this year.

I Love My Classroom

Miss Ice said...

I love love love your candy theme and the bright colors! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! Come check out my blog for the details!

3rd Grade Sprinkles

Jessica Ann Stanford said...

All I can say is LOVE IT!!!

Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class
I hope that you'll join me for my giveaway ♥

Miss Nelson said...

Love your theme! The colors are great.

Dianne said...

Your room looks so yummy!! I gave you an award. Come on by to check it out!
Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching

Anonymous said...

Love how sweet it is!! Great job incorporating all the fun details :) Thanks for linking up!! Next week's topic is rewards...

primary practice said...

Hi Brittany, I'm a new follower. Love your blog name and design. Your classroom theme is adorable!

primary practice

Inspired in Second said...

Brittany, I have an award for you! Come on over.
- Amanda
Inspired in Second

Jessica Tobin said...

Your classroom is so bright and cheerful! I love it! And I love your blog. I'm your newest follower!

Mrs. Wathen said...

Cute candy theme:) I am your newest follower.

The Resourceful Apple

Emily said...

I love the candy theme! I know about hard themes I am doing fireflies! I thought about something as I was reading your post. Did you ever think about doing positive behavior with a candyland game. Everytime they get a compliment or do something wonderful maybe let someone pick a card and then when they win celebrate with a party of some sort? I don't know why I thought of this, but it's just an idea.

Aimee said...

Super cute! I love the idea of a candy theme! I might just have to add that to my list of ideas.

Primarily Speaking

Corinna said...

Wow, how fun!! I bet your kids just love it! Thanks so much for linking up!

surfin' Through Second

Rebecca said...

I am just stopping back by through the linky party. I still love your cute theme!!! :)

Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,

ThinkWonder Teach said...

Love the colors!! WOW! Your room is so fun I love it!

Think, Wonder, & Teach

Beth said...

Everything is sooo cute! I love it.
Thinking of Teaching

Kelly said...

What a fun theme! Love the colors!

Alisha said...

Love this! I am doing a candy/sweet themed classroom this year mixed in with the black/white combo.

Perrine Curry said...

Your room is so bright and fun!
Modern Kindergarten

Tanya V. said...

LOVE IT! SO ADORABLE. I am doing a candy theme in my room this year. I love your table signs..are you selling them? Please email me if you can. :)

A Class Act

Jenny Caine said...

How did you make all these amazing graphics?? Can you send them to me? Jacaine@gmail.com Or tell me how to go about making my own? Can I buy them?

PS. I LOVE your idea and am excited to edit it to fit my classroom!

Anonymous said...

What a "sweet" room! It's Mmm.. Mmmm.. good! You are "welgum" to link up at my linky party for classroom themes! Now I'm going to go eat some candy, your pictures have tempted me! -Julia

Mrs. G said...

What a darling theme! Kellie over at Teacher Factory paired us up as pen pals and I'm super excited. Send me an email when you can! teachonalimb@me.com

Teach on a Limb

Adriana Pena said...

I'm working on a similar theme. Do you have blank templates? I work in a dual language classroom and I need everything in both languages.

Jana said...

Is there a way to get the table numbers?

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