Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm BACK! Candy Themed Labels

This post is long over due! I have soooo many things to blog about: Debbie Diller's Summer Institute, new class layout, all the features of my room, Debbie Diller's Summer Institute (yes it was awesome), my back to school purchases, and a couple other things up my sleeve!

I've had several followers ask about the classroom labels they see in my classroom.  I just uploaded all of them up onto my TPT store! The BEST part is that ALL the labels are also provided blank.

Here is the preview file :)

Check It Out!

Check It Out!

Check It Out!

Check It Out!
 You can see the labels in use in my classroom in the following pictures:

That's all for now! I'm in Georgia for some vacation so its brief and short tonight :)


Heather's Heart said...

I love all of the bright colors! I always start the year off so organized and then things just seem to move into piles on their own. I think when the Clean Desk Fairy comes to visit she messes with my stuff! =)

Debbie Diller is amazing. I went to a workshop session with her and still remember it to this day.

Heather's Heart

S. Simpson said...

Hey Brittany,
I can't wait to hear about your Debbie Diller workshop. Glad to see you're back (kind of). Enjoy your vacation.

✰ Stacy

Simpson Superstars

Tammy said...

Good morning Brittany,

I love all the yummy candy themed labels that you've made. They would not only make the students want to put there things away, but even me!!!!

I really love the small storage bins that you painted & labeled with paperclips, etc. That container that you used for that would be perfect to organize all the little things, even for your mom at home. ;-) !!!

Love you,
Tammy (mom :-)!! )

Brittany Kielar said...

Thank you ladies for the responses! I love reading comments from you!

@ Mom I will make you one or more if you tell me what you want. I have tons of different clip art themes.



I hope you enjoy this packet!

Sweet Seconds

kristina said...

Thank you,thank you, thank you soooo much. I am doing a Candyland theme classroom this year and these are an absolute lifesaver!

Rikki said...

Wow your classroom looks AMAZING!!!! I love the colors so cute!! It just makes you happy to look at it.
The Hive

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