Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweet Seconds

First Post Ever!

     I have to say I have been wanting to do this for a LONG time. I finally worked up the courage to start! I love teaching. I've wanted to be a teacher since third grade. When I discovered the blog teaching world, Teacher Pay Teachers and the Teacher's Notebook I was blown away. Oh how I wish I had know about this invaluable resource while I was in college. Of course, I now find tons of ideas and inspiration from blog land, TPT, and TN.
     Besides all that crazy good stuff ~ I learned how to create educational resources to use in my classroom. I also happen to be slightly addicted to it. . . :-) I am really looking forward to offering some freebies, gaining inspiration from all of you, and possibly giving some!
     Last week I introduced subject-verb agreement to my sweets! I created a couple anchor charts and a whole group game to do with them. I posted the freebie. Click on the link to grab it from my TPT store. I hope it is useful. Please let me know if you found it helpful.
Subject and Verb Agreement Freebie


Gladys said...

Very cute!

Heather's Heart said...

This looks adorable! I just found your blog and am happy to be your newest follower! I would love for you to come visit me when you get the chance! =)

Heather's Heart

Brittany Kielar said...

Thank You! I'm your newest follower! I also happened to get entirely sucked into your wonderful posts! It was quite a fun "visit" to your blog ~ there will be many more!

Brittany K
Sweet Seconds

Beth said...

I used your subject and verb agreement stuff after finding it for free on TPT but I'm only just now finding your blog! Thanks for sharing! I've enjoyed my stop by and I have to say you are so organized. Amazing! :) I probably couldn't find the bottom of my teacher's desk even if I did want to get rid of it! :)

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