Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Before Classroom Pics

One of my FAVORITE things is to see other teachers' classrooms. I love seeing before and after pictures, themes, organization, decorations, and such. I mean before I had my own classroom I would take note of what I liked. Now I have my own classroom and it was not my style at all. The summer involved a lot of sweet talking my amazing handy-man grandpa! I made sure to document the transformation because looking back now it looks entirely different then the room I spend most of my life in! Ha :) During, student teaching my CT's classroom was HUGE! Now the school I am in is AMAZING! It is actually where I have ALWAYS wanted to work! Anyhow, the room I have is the smallest classroom in the school (but I only have 13 sweets!). It was/is a fun challenge trying to figure out the best way to use my space to maximize the learning. I leave you with some before photos with after photos soon to follow.

classroom view from one of the 2 entrances

classroom view from the other entrance 

view from the previous teacher's teacher desk

whiteboard and my projector screen is there (I have an Elmo and am addicted to it)

Those are the before pictures. I have in between the process photos, almost there photos, and real life school photos. I was blessed to have the whole summer to be in my room and go through the "inherited" stuff, paint, and organize. It was such a blessing and then the help from those closest to me was phenomenal! I sometimes wonder if parents truly realize all the time, energy, effort, and money we put into what we do. . . Some parents do and others I believe are still largely unaware. Good thing I do what I love for the sweets!


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I'm one of your newest followers cute things! I teach 2nd grade as well!


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