Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer is Almost Over - Back to School and Blogging!

Well I've been on quite the little hiatus! I had a lot of medical issues during the second half of the school year and then I also got married :) So this summer I've been all about focusing on our new home and being a wife. As summertime is coming to an end I'm getting back into teacher mode and plan on getting back into blog mode! My plan is to blog once a week with a little run down of each week back at school! I love reading all the other wonderful teachers' ideas out in blog/pinterest land. You never know how a post you write may impact another person! I love blogging but when it started to feel like a duty I needed to step back. Now that it is enjoyable again I'm so excited to get back into it! Look for next's weeks post: Some "before" classroom pics and some organization :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy & Cheap Test Folders DIY

Okay sooooooo this post is long over due! I use these these items every single day. Every SINGLE day I use them I think hmmm I really need to find the pictures I took while I was making these and share with all the other teachers out there who dont want to spend crazy money on test folders. I know I spend way to much money for classroom items/tools/materials. So if anyone is willing to spend the bucks I feel as thigh I would be one of them.  Well during Targets crazy school deals that came out waaaaaay to early in the summer I saw tons of folders. Now of course since the folders were so cheap, like fifteen cents, I had to snatch them up. Then I was meandering through all of Target and came upon all the fun and fancy duck tape! I thought I bet I can tape two folders together with fun duck tape and then laminate them.  TADA!! Cheap oh so super practical test folders. I use mine everyday and they are still I perfect condition. Obviously such a long introduction is only worthwhile if the item is valuable. You will be so thankful for these.  No more "I don't have any empty folders!"

Step-by-Step DIY Test Folders

Step 1
Select an even amount of folders.  I like to match so I bought an equal number of folders that were all the same color.

Step 2
Select two folders.

Step 3
Open one of the folders with the pocket facing you.

Step 4
When facing the open folder take your chosen duck tape and place half of the decorated side of the duct tape strip onto the right side of the open folder.

Step 5
Then shut the folder with the adhesive side of the duck tape looking up at you.

Step 6

Then open the other folder with the pockets facing down. (remember to make sure thickets are opening the same way as the already taped folder) Align the folder to match up with the folder already taped and press it down onto the exposed tape.

Step 7
Then continue to roll the tape onto the spot where the two folders are joined together.

Step 8
Cut off the tape roll with approximately a 2 inch overhang. Fold the tape over onto the pocket side of the folder.

Step 9
Flatten out the "test folders" and laminate them.

Step 10
Once the folders are laminated, cut them out of the lamination and fold them on there original creases. I folded them and placed a couple big books on them. The you are easy to use them!


I've also been busy making these Old Lady activities!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Volunteers are WONDROUS!

Can I just say I am thrilled by all the wonderful volunteers I have in my class this year. It's wonderful to see students' families engaged in the classroom AND it is such a help. Some family members volunteer during the day and com ein during math time. This lets me have another adult in the classroom working with students when I am conducting math small groups. I LOVE this time ~ SOOOO beneficial. I also have several families that will cut lamination or prep activities at their home and send them back in. When I send things home to volunteers I have a little system to keep it all organized. I thought I would share it with you all. . . 

The paper I send home in the big baggy explaining what needs to be done. 

The small baggy with examples of how I want things cut. 

The final product before it gets sent home. 
You want to know what is AWESOME about this. All the families brought the bags back to me in less than a week (most brought it back the next day!!!). 

Now how I organize my Copy volunteer system. First off, I keep it all in a copy folder that says COPY ~ Miss Kielar (PICTURE to come). Then I simply paperclip one of the squares from the following form on to each item or set of papers I need copied. I can put the total amount I need copied. I check if I want it 1 sided to 2 sided, 2 sided to 2 sided, 2 sided to 2 sheets, or leave it blank if I just want it normal. Next, I can say to paperclip or staple. I also have a spot for sorting papers or stacking papers. I enjoy colored paper and card stock paper at times so there is a spot for that as well. I love this system. It is so simple to manage. 

There are 6 slips to a paper. 
Here is a close up!
You can grab these forms as FREEBIES at my TPT store HERE!