Monday, May 7, 2012

Thematic and Classroom Supplies Organization

This picture simply makes me happy ~ candy themed classroom with m&M whole group rug area! Can I just say the beige chair aka "THE Laffy Taffy" chair is a HUGE hit in my classroom. It cracks me up every time :) Side note - stuffed animals appear to be seriously favored by second graders. I need to use them more next year.  
This is where I store my "thematic" units/materials. supplies. I was inspired by the Clutter-Free Classrooms link. Check it out here. I took ideas and used them to create my own idea. I love these plastic tubs from Office Depot. They fit perfectly on top of my IKEA bookshelves. Everything needed for the theme/unit is in the box.  My next organizational project will be my classroom library ~ I'm in the process of making candy-themed labels :) 
Can I simply say I can not express enough how easy these two drawer units have made my life. I'm a big believer in communal supplies. No whining, arguing, and/or complaining that "it's mine" (expressed in student's most whiney spoiled voice). Each drawer holds exactly what the label says. The only stipulation is if it is in a closed container labeled teacher they may NOT touch it. Just about everything is for the kids and I.  Plus side I got the 10 drawer from Office Depot for 10% off because there was a minor defect. By the way, if anyone wants to go and grab one of these they are online only. The one I purchased was an in-store return. 

On top of the 10-drawer unit I keep my box of sharpened pencils and dull pencils.  To the  right of the pencils in the red bookshelf is my pencil sharpener. If you look at the previous picture you can see it. On the three drawer unit, or to the left of the pencils, I keep loose lined paper, plain white paper, and colored construction paper.

I just found this on my desktop. I thought this unit by The Teacher Wife was AWESOME. You can get it HERE. My sweets were so into it. 

I also just found this picture. This is my class' version of "Me On the Map." I purchased the unit from the Clutter-Free Classroom's TPT store. My students were also totally into this. I love that it gives the student a concrete visual of small (me) to large (the world).

That's all folks! Any questions or comments always make me smile. **hint, hint, hint**


Jen (Hello Mrs. Sykes) said...

Wow! That's really organized!! I'm quite jealous; I'm in a year round school, and I might be moving classrooms 3 times next year. My new rule is: if it doesn't fit on the shelves, I'm not keeping it!
Hello Mrs Sykes

travelingteacher said...

I love all your labels!! Your room looks great!

Tales From a Traveling Teacher

Brittany Kielar said...

@Jen LOL turn the jealousy into determination and inspiration. I was always looking at all these amazing classrooms with excellent learning environments and decide to kick it in gear. By the way my filing cabinets haven't quite gotten the memo. Thats my next to do. I love the rule and definitely agree. By the way I simply LOVE your blog!

@ Kelli Thank you so much! I'm excited to go check out your blog!

Keri said...

your room looks so inviting and organized...<3 it!
the kids must be so excited...i know i would be!


Unknown said...

Did you ever put the rest of your labels on TPT? I loaded the small ones but want all of your sweet themed labels!

Unknown said...

Did you ever put the rest of your labels on TPT? I loaded the small ones but want all of your sweet themed labels!

Brittany Kielar said...


I am planning on putting up the labels you see in my classroom! It will be up within the week. I'll comment here to let you know. Or feel free to email me at I can send you an email when they are updated :)

~Brittany k

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