Saturday, May 5, 2012

M&M Math and Teacher Appreciation

First ~ I decided to show you how I organize math in my classroom. 
At the end you will read about the 
fabulous teacher appreciation going on!

The math area of my classroom is near my small group table/desk.
All the drawers are clearly labeled with the plethora of math manipulatives
 my sweets and I need access to! For a while I was storing them in the blue
and red wall cabinet and that was just NOT working. If you are going to teach math
hands-on with manipulatives they MUST be accessible to you
 and your students. On a side-note, if you have a sub no where will
 wonder where anything is because it all clearly labeled. 

All the drawers are from Office Depot. There are 2 small drawers and one big drawer
and they are awesome because they don't just slide right out.
 On the other hand, you can simply put pressure on both sides
of the drawer and pot it out. Under the drawers are my math stations.
 I keep my stations numbered. I attach a piece of velcro to each station box
and each M&M number card. It makes stations pretty easy! The white drawer
on the left is our Math File! We use EnVision math. Everyday my sweets get a new math
sheet to work on. When they are done they open this drawer and place
it the labeled file that says "today's completed math sheet." There is also a file
for "corrected math sheets." If a student had errors that needed to be corrected
on their math sheet they correct it and return it into the corrected file.
I also have files that are labeled for the current math stations.
This makes identifying and assessing completed math station work very simple.
I put a class list in every file. Once a student has complete and turned in a
particular math station recording sheet they place it in the labeled folder and
highlight there name. Second graders LOVE to highlight! The white drawer on
the right is for our connecting cubes. I have a lot and use them all the time.
My one stipulation is put all colors back in the appropriate
 collared bag.  The red bin from IKEA (which I love) is for our math books. I love
children's literature! I think it is so important to integrate literature in math.
Over the summer I plan on creating math literature units to
 go along with every topic I teach in enVision math!  

This picture is a little blurry. The drawers closest to the right are awesome!
They are for lost and found game pieces,  skinny expo markers and small dry
erasers, erasers (any and all), dice (all kinds, if they are not your
 average number dice they have their own labeled ziploc inside
 the drawer), spinners and timers (for stations), and counters and game
 pieces (just like the dice, they all have their own little baggy to keep
them in order). Now how do my sweets keep up an organized classroom?
Explicit modeling and PRACTICE.  So that is what math looks like
in my room. Next week I will post on how I organize my "guided" math groups!

How do you organize math in your room?

Second ~ I'm already setting aside time tomorrow to do some
SERIOUS TPT shopping. They are offering 10% off and just
about every other TPT seller is offering an additional 20% off.
I will also be putting my TPT store on sale! 
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For the record I have added several new products to my store.
 My class will be doing a bee week starting next week
 and I created a unit for us to use!

The Buzz On Bees ~ Check it out HERE!
I also uploaded to my TPT store *some* of the candy themed labels 
I have created to organize my classroom after several people suggested it. 
I had toyed around with the idea and there suggestions encouraged me to do it.
 Quite honestly I looked around for such things on TPT and couldn't find anything.  

By the way I'm trying to figure out how to add the reply to
 comment function on my blog. If anyone knows how to 
please let me know!  All that is to say I love reading 
your comments ~ it makes me do a happy dance. 
I also like responding but want he reply thingy to make it more personal!


Tonya said...

You make me want to reorganize my WHOLE math area! Thanks so much for the great pics and ideas! Your blog is too cute! I am your newest follower:)

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Brittany Kielar said...

Thank you Tonya! I just checked out your blog and am your newest follower! I'm loving it. The treats theme is pretty awesome to!

tracy cook said...

Do you have an email I can reach you at? I like some of your things you said you had in the TPT store, and I can't find them.

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