Saturday, August 11, 2012

TPT Back to School Sale!!!!

Cute graphic courtesy of Amy Lemons!

I'm dropping in to let you know that my entire TPT store is 20% off Aug. 12-13 (TPT is offering an additional 10% off but you MUST use the coupon code: Bts12).

Check out my TPT store HERE! I must say my TPT wish list is crazy long and this sale gives me a reasonable excuse to shorten it up a bit! ;)

As soon as I have time to write a real blog post reflecting on how I set up/prepare for back to school I'll be posting (most likely quite a bit). I've been working on getting ready for back to school a fair amount.


Kelley Dolling said...

Hey Brittany . . . I am putting together pen pal pair ups and I have the sweetest teacher from a Christian School in CA. She teaches 3rd grade and is looking for a Christian classroom to match up with (2nd - 4th). Are you interested?? If yes, email me as soon as possible please!!! Thanks so much!!!

Kelley Dolling
Teacher Idea Factory

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